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Green is UnGreed!

"The greed that led the world economy into crisis will not defeat our commitment to good work."Rick Fedrizzi

This quote came in a letter from the the CEO of the US Green Building Council, Rick Fedrizzi, offering the hope for homeowners and those in the green building industry who are concerned about the viability of our Green Movement during tough economic times. With everyone questioning the viability of the housing market in general, he reminds us that good is always valued. In fact, when you come right down to it, good equals value. We tend to choose better things that last longer and forego short term gratification when the dollars really matter.

He reminds us that we cannot wait for change to be effected by our legislators, our bankers, our employers or our mentors. It's up to us to create these positive changes for ourselves. By voting for officials we can support and then NOT just leaving it up to them but to get to work behind them and speak about, write about, blo…