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Gliding Toward Green!

Manufactured and Modular Homes have come long way, baby!

History Lesson
If you happened to grow up in a Mobile Home park in the early 50's it was probably a lot of fun compared to previous sub-standard housing offered to waged farm and factory workers. These mass produced affordable homes were a fact of life in many rural communities. They meant home ownership and a lot more room for your buck. People lived in closer proximity to each other and were less isolated. In many ways they created a sense of community that felt more like a village where people looked out for each other, actually knowing and caring for their children and elderly.

What we didn't know then and we do know now is that Mobile Homes, now kindly referred to as Manufactured Homes, were quickly constructed with price in mind. Naturally corners were cut on things like materials. You were lucky if your roof lasted ten years. The real problems that have been identified since those early years have more to do with sa…